Forming Engineering

The Forming Engineering FE department praises over ten years on production support and facility supplier worldwide. The team is composed by engineers and production experts that cooperate each other to support customer in reaching the highest production efficiency. The reading will introduce to FE main activities and capabilities available for our customers.

The article is obtained by forming, The form is obtained by heat extraction...

IS machine for forming engineers is an heat exchange device. The cooling capability is the essence for forming and its performance and control are object of continuous improvement and studies.

The E-MOC concept is the Bottero solution for cooling capability and market needs...










E-MOC is the most advanced heat exchange device.

The airflow enters in the molds from the side and the cooling rate can be repartitioned in the following points:



Priority to efficiency and cost per Ton: Faster trial and sampling...

The Forming Engineering services provided are: 

  • Cooling design; 
  • Parison and Mold Design; 
  • Consultation and conversion from DG to TG; 
  • Consultation and conversion from B&B to NNPB; 
  • New container design; 
  • Production and Mold Design training; 
  • Production support.

We do not design molds, we design heat exchange cleverly...

We give possibility to glass to become an article

Strength and dimensional qualities are strictly related to glass distribution all over the article. Keywords for glass distribution are:



The mission of Mold Engineering service is to supply a “plug&play” mold equipment reducing machine timing settings to control the cooling effect.

The parison study is done by MS Office excel linked with PTC CREO model. The excel sheet synchronizes the model and receives inputs from the latter to manage shape and control parameters. Given input specifications, the Blank configurator generates the mold in real time.

We give possibility to glass to become an article...

As well as the parison study, the Blow cavity is modelled according to glass shrinkage. Engravings and Dot-code are placed according to inspection machine reading. Given input specifications, the Blow configurator generates the mold in real time.

What ever is the cooling technology whatever available in your plant, the engineering service will supply the most efficient design.


E-MOC 360° cooling

Airflow balancing through cooling duct optimization.


Cooling capacity balancing between cavities.


FCC with double row cooling channels with fins intercepting the flux.


Higher heat extraction and better mold temperature homogeneity.

Stack cooling

Blank stack cooling optimization to balance air delivery between cavities.


Lower air consumption, higher heat extraction and better mold temperature homogeneity.

The invariability of variable equipment...

Engineers support customer in the definition of the variable equipment reducing the number of components, costs and job change time.Starting from refractories up to machine mountings, customer will be sure to get the best performances given a set of articles.


FE team will guide customers to maximize the profit through conversion from double to triple gob.

Stack cooling

FE team will guide customers to minimize costs and energy consumption through conversion from double to triple gob.

From B&B to NNPB...

The FE team will guide customers to increase article quality, production speed and reduce glass weight through the conversion from Blow&Blow 
process to Narrow Neck Press&Blow.

Time to market approach...

For an important investment the right guarantee. FE team evaluates with our customers the performance directly in glass factory.

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