Pneumatic Plunger Mechanism

  • Floating plunger concept
  • Low Friction Design
  • High Cooling Capacity
  • Lightweight Design
  • Sensor for Dynamic Forming System

CC Twist Mechanism

  • The CC twist mechanism are available for all center distances
  • Higher efficiency of pneumatic seals, PTFE, leads to big energy costs saving
  • Thanks to the cushioning system, the check valves are not used any longer
  • Hydraulic up stroke cushioning available for baffle and blow head mechanism (with CC cartridge )

Neckring 300 Series

  • Air ducts inside the mechanism have been optimized to achieve balanced motion of the arms
  • The mechanism has been redesigned to reduce the weight masses and improve the performance
  • The mechanism can be overhauled and re-used for more machine campaigns 
  • The backlash free neckring assembly is also available as option with needle bearings at shaft ends

Forced Convection Cooling Mechanism

  • Operations not affected by Cooling Pressure Level
  • The internal vacuum piping can be removed for faster maintenance and easy conversion
  • Cooling air flow increased by 20%
  • Retrofittable to any existing machine.  No modification to section frame required.

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