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Bottero di Cuneo ( is currently renewing its participation in Vitrum 2019, the unmissable event in Milan for glass specialists from all over the world, where the latest product innovations of the multinational will also be highlighted.

Skills and advanced technology make the Group one of the world's leading players in the glass processing sector and the only one that integrates the business of hollow glass forming machines, special systems and flat glass processing machines. It supplies dedicated machinery and plants, from monolithic and laminated flat glass to the production of glass containers (bottles of various sizes and shapes, vases, bottles for the pharmaceutical market),

The range of products includes complete lines for the production of float and laminated sheets, as well as complete lines for handling and storage.


Born in 1957, Bottero is now specialized in the production of machines and plants (also) with continuous cycle 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It has a workforce of over 800 employees and generates a turnover of almost 200 million euros/year. 90% of Bottero's industrial production is located on foreign markets. In over 60 years of history, has consolidated its position in the reference market.

This leadership is confirmed by the Group's expansion," says Marco Tecchio, Chief Executive Officer - and has managed to place its machines in more than 100 countries, with more than 50,000 active installations worldwide". Through the Flat Glass Business Unit, Bottero offers its long experience in the field of machines and integrated lines for glass processing to its customers. The product offer includes machines and systems for cutting float and laminated glass, for the automatic management of the warehouse, for grinding and drilling or, more generally, everything related to the processing of the glass edge, areas in which Bottero's long experience emerges.

At the Vitrum Fair, Bottero presents two important product innovations: the Flex Edge and the 548LAM. The Flex Edge represents the top of the range in the field of grinding machines thanks to the flexibility of configuration of the spindles to meet the highest standards of process required by the market, the 548LAM is the cutting bench for laminated glass today most sought after in the world for the quality of the finished product, for the speed and level of automation of the process.

Automation and artificial intelligence are the main features of Bottero's product range, where experience is translated into functionality immediately available to the customer, able to guide him in everyday production, but also to support him throughout the entire product life cycle. Bottero is constantly committed to satisfying the current market trends in the best possible way and is based on those that can be expected in the future in order to direct its R&D in the development of new products. Developments linked to a general reduction in the thickness of finished products, but also to an average increase in their size and strength to meet the most current architectural requirements. In addition to this, it should be noted that glass is an increasingly noble material, linked to the electronics industry with applications ranging from tablet, smartphone and TV screens to next-generation "foldable" applications, such as electronic devices and folding solar panels.

With the Engineering Business Unit, Bottero is responsible for the design, construction and installation of continuous process lines for flat glass processing. Since 1974 the unit has been able to realize projects for float lines, coated lines (also called low emission glass), laminated lines, solar glass lines, process lines (off-line) and special lines. A total of more than 400 projects that have become production lines installed all over the world, proof of the trust and respect that Bottero has been able to gain in the markets. Bottero customers are well aware that successful production depends on the constant search for new ways to optimize operations on the line. In the past, this meant spending months examining every single process, testing and rechecking innovative ideas and finally implementing changes. Today Bottero, with its Manufacturing Analytics, frees up the productivity and profitability of its lines for the benefit of its customers. That's not all. Using Big Data analysis techniques with artificial intelligence algorithms, Engineering Bottero is able to push the productivity of existing lines and the design of new ones to levels of performance never seen before, in quality and performance, without underestimating energy savings. Not to be neglected is the application of the "Digital Twin" concept, with which Bottero is digitizing all its lines to have in the offer/design phase a process of simulation of the behaviour of the future line absolutely in line with reality. Interesting developments accompany the company also in the Hollow Glass Business Unit, where Bottero is growing more than the market thanks to a solid financial situation that allows the company to invest in new machinery, hardware, software and resources. Also in this sector, the multinational company from Cuneo has achieved important objectives in terms of innovation and product development. The company has strengthened and developed in recent years technological packages that can certainly be considered the state of the art of the production process of hollow glass containers,with particular reference to and care of two fundamental aspects: automation and cooling.

In automation, Industria 4.0 is not the goal for Bottero, but the tool available to build the machine of the next few years, able to operate in fully automatic mode, autocorrecting drifts with respect to the optimal production process. From the point of view of cooling, the objective is to supply more and more innovative and diversified machines capable of processing molten glass and returning a container of formed glass in a few seconds. A leadership that the world market recognizes: in the last two years, almost all the investments of the main Italian glassworks have been made by choosing Bottero as a technology supplier even before as a supplier of machinery.

Significant orders abroad have been acquired in various Asian and South American markets.

In particular, in Europe, which remains the most important market for the company, a glass group active in the pharmaceutical/liquors/scent making sector, after having purchased Bottero machinery independently for years for the various plants in different countries, has decided to enter into a framework agreement, which will bind the two companies with a long-term investment plan on several production sites.

30 Sep 2019
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In more than 60 years, the multinational company from Cuneo has achieved leadership in the glass industry: its machines are installed all over the world.

Bottero invites you at Vitrum 2019

Bottero makes of innovation its mission, to be able to always evolve and keep up with the times.

That’s why today we are no longer the same, we are better and we invite you to see how at our stand at Vitrum2019,.

At Vitrum 2019, one of the most competitive Italian and European exhibitions dedicated to glass, Bottero is proud to present its latest achievements in terms of technology and know-how.

Bottero welcomes you to visit and explore its latest developments: together with a dual line for float and laminated glass, a straight-line edger and a CNC machine, Bottero will have on show its new flat edge double edger. The new machine includes the well-known features of previous Bottero’s models, upgraded into a new all-in-one scalable and modular platform, creating the perfect synthesis of all market requests.

Concerning the other machines on show, the dual line is a combination of the machines 363 BCS and 548 LAM, to cut and break-off float and laminated glass. A combined line of the two products represents one of the sector’s most innovative and most effective solutions. Not only cutting machines, but also CNC working centers are part of Bottero’s range exhibited at Vitrum. The new PRATICA Plus is the evolution of the well-known PRATICA, equipped with many technological advancements, such as the new IoT system to manage the self-diagnostic, and the documentary training section supporting the operator. Regarding straight line edgers, Bottero will present its 110 FX, one of the five different Victralux models, that offers flat edge processing with arrises.

To find out more about these products, visit Bottero’s stand at Vitrum, pavilion 5 booth D01-F09.


Bottero receives Silver rating for corporate sustainability

Cuneo, 30 September 2019

Bottero S.p.A. reached the "Silver" level in the CSR evaluation of the independent and international platform EcoVadis that measures the sustainability of companies operating in 155 countries.

The 2019 rating reflects Bottero's excellent assessment of its various initiatives in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility, which places it in the top 24% of all companies rated by EcoVadis in the four categories: environment, work and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

With this award, Bottero presents itself to its customers as a highly sustainable player on the global market.