Customer Service

Customer Service: a dedicated team of expert mechanical and electronic engineers, providing a full range of services, from assistance provided from our HQ, to on-site services and training packages.


Our team is available during office hours to support specific Customer requests or troubleshooting activities.

For assistance or enquiries please refer to the following contact details: 

+39 0171 310 xxx

An extended hours GMT+1 "Hot Line" service is available. For enquiries please contact us at:


Standard working hours

Hot line extension

Mon thru Fri

8.00 + 12.30 e 13.45 + 17.15

17.45 + 22,00


8.00 + 12.00

14.00 + 18.00



8.00 + 12.00 e 14.00 + 18.00



8.00 + 12.00

"Hot Line" is not available on Christmas, New Year’s day, Easter e 15th August.

Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance is our on-line service that enables Bottero qualified engineers, if access is allowed, to take control of the production line from Bottero offices through the SPV supervisor via Internet. Remote control improves and speeds up troubleshooting and problem solution.

On site Service

  • Supervision to installation, cold test and start-up
  • Turnkey machine installations, in new or existing production lines
  • Section box exchange
  • Machine upgrades
  • Mechanisms repair
  • Machine center distance conversion, including alignment
  • Audit for line upgrades
  • Periodical checks and inspections
  • Troubleshooting support on mechanical and electronic issues
  • Software upgrades




training sessions can be held either in Bottero fully equipped training facility or on-site, depending on training equipment availability

About us

Bottero is an Italian group that has specialized in the production of glass processing machines since 1957. Over the years we have developed our offer in two product categories: flat glass, hollow glass. In these sectors, we are today the world leaders and we operate internationally through the factories and branches in the countries: Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom, USA, China and Brazil.


Over time we have been able to anticipate the needs of our customers, redefining product standards and process performance in the glass sector.


We promote innovation by dedicating attention and study to the direct experience of the end user. The development of new technologies, and of the relative numerous patents, finds application in the quality of the selected materials, thanks to trusted suppliers, and in the vertically integrated product care followed by our professionals.


Bottero collaborates with small and medium-sized enterprises and with large international groups for which we design and build complete customized production lines.


Our unrivaled competitiveness is enhanced by the technology produced and the variety of solutions that allow us to meet every new need, with the design of automated and integrated systems.

Our values

We’re like glass: transparent yet practical. This is why, in over half a century, we built and maintained a name synonymous with reliability and sound, long-standing professional relationships. We share and promote four fundamental values as part of it: continuity, innovation, quality and customer care, with our commitment to work with society and with the environment in mind



We have been operating on the glass market, right by our partners’ side, for over 60 years. This allows us to offer our best experience in the sector and become a safe, outstanding benchmark


Now, as in the past, we constantly challenge ourselves, redefining sector standards day in, day out. To do this, we place great attention on our R&D operations and on recruiting and training the best engineers and technicians, who every day contribute to our position at the technological forefront.


We don’t just guarantee an innovative product, but also a quality one. The soundness and reliability of machinery are tested during several stages of the preparation with a Total Quality Management system, thereby ensuring maximum operativity for our customers.

Customer care

Customers are our top priority and our team can fulfil any request, in any area worldwide. We have an extensive sales and support network that follows the customer from the first contact up to the end of the product lifecycle, always remaining at the customer’s service to provide support.