548 LAM

548 LAM

The new model of Lamilinea range, the 548 LAM, comes from the long experience of Bottero in the field of laminated glass cutting and from the improvements and technical solutions of Bottero products. The machine is a concentrate of technology and innovation and is the result of the careful and continuous research of Bottero R&D department.

Main qualities

Bottero’s portfolio of laminated glass cutting products meets any possible production needs in terms of formats and thickness, and ensures excellent cutting results even in case of 12+12 mm sheets.

The heating of the PVB is carried out by a patented IR lamp device of 300 mm length only! Despite the small size of this device, the heating cycle is incredibly quick and consistent and offer amazing advantages for maintenance and spare costs. Patented heating lamp to focus the radiation on the PVB and not on the glass. Proven technology from 2014 in the LAM SHAPE. 36% less power consumed in the process (**). 30% faster heating cycle (**). Easy to change by operator (easy plug-in system) and easy to transport. The use of the “concentrator” device allows you to focus the heating exactly on the PVB and the glass, immediately after separation, is “cold”. (**): values for 3.3.1 glass on L1000mm cut, compared to 545/546 LAM models.

Patented air driven clamping devices (AD.CD®). Adjustable, uniform and smooth pressure distribution on the glass during the entire cycle. Stress-free on the glass surface for excellent cutting quality. Easy and maintenance-free clamping system.

Automatic positioning up to 6000 mm. Minimum piece that can be transported/cut is 300 x 300 mm. Patented squaring device accommodated on both cutting bridges to square and position long but narrow glasses with exceptional precision.


Cutting system

The 548 LAM cutting is performed by two independent cutting heads, with HSS steel wheels to score the glass on the two surfaces. The machine can reach a maximum cutting speed of 140 m/min. Unmatched cutting quality. Fully NC-controlled cutting, breaking and separation cycle (TTS® cycle). 8 NC-axes for full control of every function. Reverse-convoy / single piece cutting cycles. The cutting carriages of the machine move on high precision guides fixed to processed parts to ensure the maximum cutting precision. The single units of the carriages in die-cast aluminium are composed of:
• Low-e removal wheel.
• Clamps for sub-plate rotation.
• Breakout wheels.
• Heating system.

Glass breakout

The breakout of the lower glass is performed by a wheel on the upper bridge. The breakout of the upper glass is performed by a bar from 150 mm on. The breakout of the trims (from 20 up to 150 mm) is provided by double wheel devices mounted on the carriages. Due to the “soft but sturdy” air driven clamping devices, which guarantee an even pressure distribution on any glass size, the breakout quality is excellent. Arrangement for the breakout of 10+10 and 12+12 PVB 0.76 ÷ 2.28 for heavy weight.

Automatic glass rotation

The panel glass rotation is a patented device for fully automatic rotation and positioning of the glass lites. Operated by means of two software-controlled devices, they bring the glass into the correct position for the cutting operation.

Unloading arms

The unloading of the plates is completely automatic with the option “automatic unloading arms”. The unloading of the plates up to 1070x1000 mm dimension and up to 6+6 mm thickness is performed by the intermediate lugs. The unloading of plates from 1070x1000 mm dimension is performed by the usual lugs. A security radar prevents any intrusion in the glass handling zone, ensuring total protection to the operator.

Opti software

Bottero built-in RE-OPTI software to maximize the productivity of the glass sheet in process. Optimization of diagonal automatic cuts in the pattern. Jumbo sheet cross optimization available (for /61 model).

Technical specifications

Cutting speed


Max cut

3800 | 4950 mm 6100mm

Min cut

150 mm

Min thickness

2.2.0,38 PVB mm

Max thickness

8.8.4,56 PVB mm

Max squaring length

6100 mm**

Max weight loadable on arms

700 Kg


+/- 0,5 mm

Height of working table

930 +/- 20 mm

Grinding speed con opt. Low-E


Opt. thickness

12.12.2,28 PVB mm

(**) With optional unloading table.

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