343 EVO

343 EVO

Cutting, grinding and marking table fully integrated with manual or automatic loading and breakout modules, zintended for applications requiring high productivity. The 343 EVO cutting table is fixed and complete with belt conveyor, automatic selection of cutting pressures, Shape Scanner + Scan Cad, optimiser on the machine and BCMS Windows.

Main qualities

The EVO cutting platform is the top of the range Bottero cutting systems, offering exclusive performance and flexibility. Thanks to the option of equipping the machines with two additional tools besides the cutting tool, the EVO systems can be equipped, in addition to the low-e glass grinding, for example, for laser cutting or labelling of the processed piece. This option makes the EVO systems ideal for forming part of the automated and controlled production flow, which is typical in advanced glass factories and set forth in the “Industry 4.0” regulation. Application

Surface removal system on Low-E glass with 200 mm peripheral wheel and maximum working speed of 200 m/min, is the ideal solution for large productions of low-emissivity glass. The approach stroke of the grinding wheel and its path are also optimised for shape cutting, allowing to speed up the machine cycle time, also thanks to the automatic measurement system of the grinding wheel consumption. You can install grinding wheels with different thicknesses for different production needs, and the wheel is also able to remove any protective films (TPF). The total coverage of the area being processed and the presence of the vacuum cleaner cancel the dispersion of dust in the environment, thus ensuring maximum safety for the operators.

The laser marking system is the solution for obtaining a permanent identification of the glass and can also be used to contribute in the organisation of post processing within the company. The CO2 laser system allows for high definition marking on the glass surface.

The automatic labelling system is the best solution to obtain the glass traceability and consequently more efficient organisation of the subsequent processes within the company. The labelling system fitted on the EVO cutting tables allows performing the labelling cycle and cutting cycle simultaneously, with total flexibility on the label position and on the printed text, ensuring a significant reduction of the machine cycle times.


Cutting bridge


Steel cutting bridge placed crosswise to the machine for maximum solidity and resistance to torsion.


Two brushless motors with pinion motor belt transmission.

Transmission unit

Electric axis motors for the accurate and balanced motion transmission along the bridge.

Carriage handling

High precision and low noise carriage linear sliding guides, ground and installed on machined surface.

Carriage and cutting head


Motorised cutting head, formed by an aluminium alloy body and rod with cutting tool or plastic cut. Automatic glass thickness measurement by linear encoder and consequent automatic loading of the cutting parameters preset in the software. Cutting pressure adjusted by means of proportional solenoid valve and glass surface compensation system.


Glass presence detector and end element of the rod with controlled breakage, easily replaceable, to avoid mechanical stresses on the carriage and bridge in case of collision.


Aluminium carriage with control and management electronics of the on-board head, complete with optical sensor able to perform the electronic squaring of the sheet and automatically acquire a shape thanks to the Shape Scanner system.

Bridge Handling


High-precision linear guides located on the opposite side to where the operator breaks the glass, to avoid leaving residues on the guide.


Precision machined racks, ensuring maximum positioning and cutting precision, facing down to prevent the accumulation of dirt.


Components made of highly durable and minimal wear materials, ensuring optimal performance over time.


Easily accessible components, ensuring immediate and fast maintenance.

Technical specifications

Working speed

Maximum bridge speed during cutting

160 m/min

Maximum carriage speed during cutting

200 m/min

Maximum carriage speed during cutting

200 m/min*

Maximum carriage speed with 2 tools (Cut + PPL)

200 m/min

Maximum carriage speed with 2 tools (Cut + Laser)

160 m/min

Maximum cutting bridge speed with 2 tools

160 m/min*

Maximum cutting bridge speed with 3 tools

160 m/ min*

(*)100 m/min with TPF

Thicknesses which can be cut

Standard thicknesses

2 ÷ 19 mm

Optional thickness

2 ÷ 25 mm


Cutting accuracy on straight processes

± 0,15 mm

Work table

Worktable height

930 ± 20 mm


343 EVO Regular


5250 x 3822 mm

Maximum dimension of processable sheet

3810 x 2750 mm

343 EVO Jumbo


7600 x 4427 mm

Maximum dimension of processable sheet

6100 x 3355 mm

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