Mechanical feeder

  • Spouts available: 281 Standard and Deep, 703, 715 in single double or triple gob
  • Maximum flexibility of shearing angle: standard from 30° right to 90° left, symmetric from 30° left to 90° right
  • Improved mechanical feeder: bearing type 7” stroke plunger linkage, oil bath shear mechanism, pneumatic spring
  • Stand alone tube rotation inverter control (RTC) and electrical tube height adjustment (THD) are available.

Servo feeder mechanism

  • Easy replacement of existing mechanical feeders for 281, 703 and 715 spouts
  • The servo motor ensures consistent and repeatable operation up to 240 cuts/minvute
  • Oil bath gearbox granting longer life of mechanical components
  • Multiple weight operation for sampling or for different gob weight production

Servo Shear Mechanism

  • Dual motor drive
  • Arcuate cut
  • Transmission with crank and connecting rod
  • Independent movement for each arm
  • Max frequency: 220 cuts/min
  • Available center distances:
    • SG
    • DG.3’’
    • DG.4-3/8’’
    • DG.5’’
    • TG.3’’
    • TG.4-3/8’’

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