695 Overhead loading system

695 Overhead loading system

A unique telescopic frame system allows to organize a very flexible storage area with a combination of jumbo and regular sizes glass positions: in particular it is possible to load only one regular glass size, when it is needed, from racks with two rows of regular sheets placed aside. This system provides the most versatile solution for warehouse management and is designed to load glass sheets from any rack with any pack depth. An infinite number of loading and unloading positions can be accommodated to feed any configuration of cutting line. 695 overhead type loader is provided with 270° rotation system and can be easy integrated with rack system and movable racks. It can load glass sheets with a thickness from 2 to 19 mm for a maximum weight of 1000 kg.

This system is suitable to delivery glass sheets to multiple cutting lines and is capable of handling glass sized up to 7 meters. Furthermore the gantry frame features telescopic arms allow the pick-up of two regular size glass sheets with different thicknesses from a single rack position. Upon request, the overhead type loader can be provided with a special system allowing the automatic transfer from float liner to stock position.

Technical specifications


X 70 ÷ Y 60 m/min

Min glass thickness

2 mm

Max glass thickness

19 mm

Max weight

1000 kg

Max glass size

7000 x 3300 mm (opt.)
6100 x 3300 mm
3650 x 2750 mm

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