650 Shuttle system

650 Shuttle system

Ideal system for the management and storage of different types of glass and for restricted height buildings that are not suitable to accommodate overhead type loaders. The ultimate solution to manage an unlimited number of racks feeding an unlimited number of cutting lines. A single loading area located in close proximity to the main glass delivery entrance guarantees more safety, reduced glass handling movements and no production downtime. Furthermore all components requiring servicing are easily accessible from floor level, providing a safe and speedy intervention, and production is maintained during routine maintenance work. 650 shuttle moves at a speed of 40 m/min and can handle glass sheets up to 12500 kg. It is available in single sided or double sided versions. Double sided version is suitable to deliver glass sheets to two cutting lines with a single loader and a dual line with a double sided loader.

Technical specifications

Max glass size

6100 x 3300 mm
3650 x 2750 mm

Max weigth

6000 ÷ 9000 kg
10000 ÷ 12500 kg
5000 ÷ 6300 kg

Max speed

40 m/min

Rack depth

190 ÷ 250 mm
320 ÷ 400 mm

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