07 EX Automatic breakout system

07 EX Automatic breakout system

The automatic breakout solution is made up of a belt conveyor, a breakout unit and an air cushion table. The belt conveyor is a totally modular machine for transporting and positioning the sheet on the breakout unit, completed with a set of fishbone belts to ensure maximum positioning precision, and with a gear motor controlled by dedicated encoder and inverter. The breakout module is a unit able to breakout glass with thickness in a given range, and
is completed with pneumatic arms which, together with the combined action of the lower breakout roller, permit incision opening. The modules can work in a ‘static’ way. The air cushion table is a breakout table provided with belts for traverse transport, breakout bars for manual breakout of all the cuts other than ‘X’ cuts and air cushion for traverse and final piece handling.

Technical specifications

Max X breakout dimension

3300 mm
2750 mm

Min X & Y breakout dimension

400 mm

Min trim

25 mm

Glass thicknes

2 ÷ 8 mm

Opt. glass thickness

5/64” ÷ 20/64”

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