Bottero offers a wide range of additional services, aimed at optimizing production processes, improving efficiency and, more generally, achieving full customer satisfaction.


Bottero can offer optionals and/or modifications to existing machines.

The offers normally include:

  • the intervention of one or more Bottero technicians, specialised for the execution of the modifications and/or optionals at the Customer’s establishment
  • the supply of the necessary materials.

Upgrade of the machinery

Offers may also be requested for mechanical, electrical and software upgrades of the machinery and control systems, to keep them updated with the development of the products according to the state-of-the-art of the industry and in compliance with the Laws and Directives regarding safety.


For further information and offers, contact:


Bottero offers the repairs service for parts returned by the Customer in its own establishments.


“Swap&Go!” Service

The "Swap&Go!" service is active in order to minimise repair times. It is a service on an exchange basis that allows to give added value to the standard repairs in terms of rapidity.

It is in fact possible to receive a reviewed piece in about in 48 hours (avoiding stand-by times for repairs), equal to new and perfectly compatible with that returned at a very convenient price. The choice of this option authorises Bottero to store the returned piece.


Bottero offers extraordinary and preventive maintenance interventions on its own existing machines at the Customer’s establishment in order to restore excellent functioning conditions and to reduce the risk of shutdown due to faults.

The offers usually include:

  • a preliminary visit to evaluate the state of the machine and to define a list of parts to be replaced and the activities to be carried out
  • the intervention of one or more Bottero technicians, specialised in the execution of maintenance operations at the Customer’s establishment
  • the supply of the parts to be replaced..

On the Customer’s request, preventive maintenance plans can also be elaborated and offered under the form of contracts with annual validity, which envision one or more interventions and the supply (at special prices) of spare parts kits to replace on a preventive and programmed basis.


Bottero also trains the Customer’s operators and maintenance technicians, both in their own and the Customer’s establishments.

The main subjects that can be discussed during training are the following:

  • running and troubleshooting of the machinery and electronic control systems
  • maintenance of the machinery and electronic control systems, with particular attention to consulting the maintenance documentation and for the selection of spare parts
  • production processes and elimination of defects.

Other subjects can be treated on request.

  • in Bottero establishments
  • at the Customer’s establishment

Training on site

Training can be carried out in the Bottero establishments of:

  • Cuneo for Hollow Glass and Flat Glass Cut machines
  • Trana for Flat Glass Grinding machines
  • Pesaro for Bimatech numerical control machines
  • Vicenza for Revimac Flat Glass machines
  • Branches for Flat Glass machines

Training in the establishments is aimed mainly at Customers that have purchased Bottero Machinery for the first time and it can be combined with the inspection visits of the machinery before delivery ("pre-commissioning"): in the latter case, the operators and maintenance technicians can be trained on their own machinery. Training in the establishment can be organised also when the Customer’s new employees require training or for refresher courses (on new products and/or development of the same). The courses in Bottero’s Italian establishments can be carried out in Italian, English and French. Interpreters can be used for other languages, on request for estimate

Training and show-room

The establishments at Cuneo and Trana have welcoming "Training Rooms", supplied with all of the equipment necessary for theoretical training.

The establishments at Cuneo and Trana are also equipped with areas supplied with simulators of the main machines produced by Bottero. They can perfectly produce the functioning of the same. In this way, the Customer’s operators can learn-about and experiment all of the notions necessary and sufficient to run and maintain the machine, under the supervision of Bottero training technicians

"Field Training"

The same subjects of the training at the Bottero establishments can be performed in courses organised at the Customer’s establishments, on the Bottero machines and control systems.

Production support (glassworks advice)

Bottero can put expert technicians at the Customer’s disposal for consultancy regarding production, in order to give suggestions regarding:

  • improvement of plant running
  • production optimisation (with improvement of yield and quality)
  • the elimination of product defects
  • the development of new recipes ("job")
  • staff training