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Beyond glass
We go beyond the product,
we aim to achieve full customer satisfaction
Do you want to make glass containers
that leave consumers amazed?
We can help you do this
Do you want to make thinnest
or thickest glass in the world?
We can help you do this

We know glass, we love glass

We shape one of the world’s most beautiful and useful materials,
which inspires us and makes us proud.
For us glass is passion, art, technology and innovation.

we glass

At the forefront of glass-processing technology

Bottero designs and manufactures machinery to process flat and hollow glass as well as entire production lines for laminated and float sheets. We’re the only ones with such an extensive and transversal know-how in the world of glass, all to the benefit of the quality of the solutions offered and the service for our customers.


Select the best-suited product line for your needs


Over the years, we have constantly intensified investments in R&D, placing these strategic activities at the centre of our industrial approach and launching various projects involving the use of cutting-edge technology such as Machine learning, Big Data Analysis and much more.

Thanks to this programme, we are now able to provide innovative, reliable, efficient solutions on the market that are advantageous for our customers.

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China Glass

Today we present ourselves to our customers with the renewed brand and innovative solutions on our products.

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Bottero Rebranding

That's why today we are no longer the same, we are better.

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Journey in the "Bottero", world leader in the sector.

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Meeting of Saint Gobain directors at Bottero S.p.A

During the day our guests were able to visit the entire plant in Cuneo and appreciate our research and production centers.

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We are a constantly-expanding international business and our recruiters are always on the hunt for new profiles to introduce in our company.
Find out more about the opportunities to work with us and apply online.

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