Sacilese installation


Bottero has been proud partner of one of the biggest independent fabricators of glasses for interiors and shower boxes in Southern Europe.

The challenge of the Company is to automatize the entire factory, in order to produce one glass every 6 s!

Bottero has been chosen as the equipment partner for the creativity and innovation of the solution proposed.

The glass packs of jumbo sheets 6x 3,3 m arrives mainly on inloader trucks and are automatically unloaded sheet by sheet by the 695-CAA jumbo size, Bottero overhead automatic crane that covers an area of 800 sqm with 100 positions to store the glasses, for a total max capacity of more than 1.200 tons.

The system works 24/6 and every 4 minutes sheet is conveyed to the cutting table.

The optimization file is automatically sent to the cutting line by the MES system of the factory and the cycle is automatically started.

The breakout system is designed to automatically break sheets in X, Y, and Z producing pieces as small as 200x200 mm. Due to the layout of the factory, the X and Y breakout are connected with a rotary table, creating a compact inline solution.

After the breakout the pieces are transferred automatically to the unloading area, where two 6-axis robot pick the glasses and unload to the racks for the following process.

Thanks to three rotating platforms in front of each robot, we have up to six different destination for different racks.

With this solution, it is reached an average the output of the line of 600 pieces/ hour working on three shifts, processing an average up to  6.000 sqm/day.

The entire system is unmanned and compliant with Industry 4.0 highest requirements.


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