Control system

With E-pack 700 series Bottero strengthens its position as leading supplier of electronic control systems, setting new standards in hot-end production lines. ‘Intelligent’ diagnostic and modularity are the key features of the 700 E-Pack.

700 Electronic forming control module

  • “Selective job change” with fully independent section structure: possibility to run different processes.
  • Fully flexible event setting and special cycle configuration
  • Section control units can be customized according to specific requirements
  • All events can be manually operated
  • The firing order can be adjusted to suit the operating conditions.

700 Flexible motor control module

  • The phasing on all drive motors is automatically configured, even after motors re-start
  • The design of the motors ensures maximum flexibility for the changes in parameters during production
  • Digital motor speed control with wide adjustment range and no need of replacement of mechanical parts

Open Supervisory Platform

  • Revolving Tube Control
  • Tube Height Driven
  • Servo plunger
  • Servo parallel shear
  • Servo Gob Distributor
  • Main Conveyor
  • Up and down conveyor
  • Ware Transfer
  • Cross conveyor
  • Stacker


  • Mechanical Stacker
  • Mechanical Feeder
  • Mechanical Gob distributor
  • Others

Mobile Interface Panel 700

  • All machines parameters are visible and editable from any plug-in point
  • User friendly  menu grants easy surfing through the parameters (all SPV data are available)
  • Multilingual functions are available: (Chinese, Japanese, Farsi, Thai, Turkish, Russian).
  • Full screen and easy diagnostic is available on mobile panel.