780 DMW

780 DMW

The drill with opposite heads is conceived as two combined drilling machines to be used
individually in case of sheets having max width of 1600 mm or as one machine for larger
dimensions. It consists of a solid electro-welded steel gantry base on which four independent
heads slide; two upper ones for drilling, grinding and milling and two lower ones for drilling and
From a mechanical and electronic point of view, each half of the machine consists of 10 axes
with controlled speed and position.

Technical specifications



Max. glass size

3210 x 6000 mm

Min. glass size

200 x 400 mm

Glass thickness

3 ÷ 19 mm

Max. feasible hole diameter

70 mm

Automatic tool change

64 positions (16 for each head)

Worktable height

900 ± 25 mm

Total weight

13000 Kg

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