Case history


Glass industry has undergone a deep transformation in order to meet the new market demands. Nowadays every glassmaker must satisfy many different requests in ever shorter times.

Sizes and types of glasses to be used are more and more, but the quantity and the repeatability of orders are increasingly difficult to predict. The only certainty is that prices and delivery times are reduced.

The new dare for the glass industry is to keep pace with, increasing productivity and flexibility by remaining competitive. This entails a new entrepreneurial spirit, investments in new machinery and, above all, a reconsideration of the corporate organization, which has to be simpler and more flexible.

For over 60 years Bottero S.p.A. has been responding to these challenges with professionalism and expertise, thanks to its proven experience in integrated glass handling and storage systems, in cutting systems for the manufacturing of float and laminated glass, beside the technologies 4.0 combined with artificial intelligence.

With over 200 plants for the float glass production and more than 50.000 machines installed in the world, Bottero is the “unmissable” partner for all those that produce and transform the glass.

Being the global indisputable leader in the field of cutting tables, Bottero S.p.A. expresses itself at its best in the integrated systems of storing, handling, cutting and processing of glass (grinding and drilling also in shape) with a wide range of specific products.

This is the reason why Van Noordenne Groep, that was founded in 1938 and has become one of the largest independent players in the Dutch glass industry, has chosen Bottero for its new site in Hardinxveld-Giessendam.

It is exactly the independence that guarantees Van Noordenne Groep professionalism, flexibility and just-in-time delivery at competitive prices.

Thanks to its organization in specialized departments, Van Noordenne Groep is one of the few companies able to supply a complete range of products and solutions in the glass industry in the national and international market.
The union of product, consultancy and installation is a symbol of excellence for the customers who rely on Van Noordenne Groep.

It is with great pride that Bottero S.p.A. shows an aerial view of the new 5,400 square metres production site, fully automated, installed at Van Noordenne Groep at the end of 2019. Nowadays it is already fully functional, equipped by:

  • Automatic warehouse equipped with two aerial overhead gantry systems;
  • Shuttle system for the automatic feeding of float and laminated cutting lines;
  • Automatic stocking system of rest pieces;
  • High-performing cutting line 548LAM X-Y fully automatic for laminated glass;
  • Automatic cutting lines for laminated glass (548LAM) and float glass (363BCS);
  • Automatic robotized area with automatic unloading on A-racks, L-racks and harp racks

Some key specifications:

  • Up to 1.200 square meters average cutting in an eight-hour shift;
  • Maximum laminated glass thickness 33,1 mm up to 1212,2 mm;
  • Maximum float glass thickness 2 mm up to 25 mm;
  • Minimum cut sizes and automatic selection 300 mm x 500 mm;
  • Maximum automatic cutting 3500 mm x 2800 mm;
  • Maximum weight robot handling 420kg;
  • Over 2.000 pcs. of spaces available in the sorting system.

We kindly thank Van Nordenne Groep for the confidence placed in Bottero S.p.A. for this important project that, once again, demonstrates foresight of this influential player in the European glass industry.