Motion Control / CNC Engineer

ID FG009 Motion Control / CNC Engineer

Bottero, a top market player in the area of machinery for glass manufacturing, is looking for talents to hire for its new start up branch in Province of Trento (Italy). The new Company shall develop solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to automate the industrial hollow glass forming process. On these bases, Bottero needs to recruit people motivated by the typical characteristics of a high-tech start-up: lean organization, agile development methodology and deployment of edge technologies.

Background experience

  • 5 years or more in the hot end area of a glass plant, with production experience and forming engineering expertise
  • Attitude to multiple engineering disciplines, including software, mechanics and electronics


  • Customer relationships
    • In charge of the technical communication with the customers
    • Organization and follow-up of the plant tests
    • Documentations of field tests to capitalize on improvements
  • Research & Development
    • Support the definition of product specifications and requirements from the Forming Engineering perspective
    • Translation of glass production needs into requirements for process automation systems
    • Support validation in field of new products
    • Product ownership
    • Participation to agile practises playing the role of “voice of the customer”
    • Perfect synchronisation with the sales & marketing to share goals and priorities
  • Management
    • Reporting to management
    • Participation to periodical technical steering committees


  • Fluent in English which shall be the official language of the new company.
  • Team player: appreciates collaboration, not limited to its own skill but capacity to support the colleagues.
  • Widely open to written and oral communication
  • Overlapping skills: the work has to continue even if an engineer is not present
  • Result oriented: quick actions to stabilize software as soon as it is in a plant
  • Contributor: proactive to share and justify ideas and proposals
  • Open to implement solutions created by someone else
  • Availability to travel


Salary and contractual conditions are based on the actual level of expertise of the candidate.

Place of work

Rovereto (Trento – Italy)

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