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Glasstec 2018 - 3 weeks to go

#bottero4.0 #bottero_cut #glasstec2018

With the widest and deepest range of float and lami cutting tables, Bottero is the ideal partner for all the customer looking for a solution to their requirements in terms of cutting.

Float cutting only with #BKM series; additional features such as automatic labelling or low-e edge removal are available on the #BCS series.

And if you need a fully automatic industrial system to enhance your production, try the #evo series, unique in the market with two tools directly on board of the bridge for cut, data identification and low-e edge removal all in one!

40 years after having developed the first automatic lami table in the glass industry, Bottero has introduced #548LAM, the revolutionary table equipped with a patented 300mm IR lamp and fully automatic capability. The table is a modular, configurable platform, which is able to satisfy every need of our customers, with the well-know excellent cutting quality.

Come and see #bottero_cut


Glasstec 2018 3