Descrizione tecnica


  • Tilting PLF unloader for plates with max. length up to 8000 mm. Possibility of release on rack of a single PLF plate in “landscape” configuration or of a pair of DLF plates in “portrait” configuration. Possibility of unloading in “Tin” and “Air side” mode.
  • Single-arm tilting DLF unloader; cycle time: 6 seconds. This fast and versatile unloader, coupled with an indexed rotating platform with double shuttle can unload two SSS plates at the same time on different racks.
  • Robot driven plate unloading with “on the spot” picking for non-stop unloading of big quantities of small-size plates.
  • The suction cup frame in aluminium alloy provides light weight, stiffness and quick movements. It can be quickly adjusted, through the control system, to fit any type of plate. The unused cups can be unplugged, to minimize air consumption.
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