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Continuity, Innovation, Quality and Customer Care are the values upon which Bottero has always founded and consolidated its development.



For over 50 years, the company has been present on the glass industry market. An uninterrupted reference point in constant growth, which today, thanks to this continuity, can offer you products which are the result of an experience which only few possess.


The company has always been on the lookout for new technological solutions. Project designers, developers and technicians work constantly to keep improving our products and to reach an ever higher operational level of the solutions we offer you.


Constantly inspecting the sturdiness and reliability of its products allows Bottero to maintain high quality and professional standards. This characteristic is much appreciated by whoever is seeking a solid and concrete partner for development in the glass market.

Customer Care.

To be a Bottero customer means counting on a company which is always aware of their needs. A dense marketing and assistance network on a worldwide level allows us to be ever at their side both when purchasing our products and during their whole production life.