353 BCS
353bcs 8
Cutting Head
  • Specifically sized rubber diaphragm ( membrane )
  • Direct gearing of driving motor
  • Automatic position presetting for glass thickness
  • 0.1 seconds glass approch time
  • "Leakless" proportional lubrication system with two independent reservoirs
  • Smooth on 2 mm thin glass but powerful on 25 mm thick one
  • One-piece aluminum unit
  • High precision guides fitted on pre-machined surface
  • Direct gearing of driving motor
353bcs 2
353bcs 7
  • One-piece welded steel frame
  • High precision guides fitted on pre-machined surface
  • Single belt motor/pinion trasmission
  • High density natural wool felt
  • Evenly distributed powerful air cushion system
  • Robust natural wood breakout bars
  • Interlinked loading lugs with double anti-block safety system
  • Replaceable calibrated thickness wooden panels laying on pre-machined surface
  • Hydraulic tilting with two balanced cylinders and acceleration ramp
  • Independent safety block valve on each cylinder
  • Air cushion fan directly fitted to table frame
  • Quick shut-off on air inlet
  • Table frame with integrated air cushion distribution
353bcs 1353bcs 4
353bcs pulpito
Controls Architecture
  • On-board but repositionable electrical cabinet
  • Steel reinforced cable protection hoses
  • Ergonomic console with physical control buttons
  • Large high definition monitor
  • On-board optimization and CAD