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Spare parts

The spare parts service has:

  • know-how on computer database, kept constantly updated, of all machines installed. All of the components and units of which they are made up are noted and coded (technical documentation exists that describes every customisation of the individual machine to the minimum details). This allows (with dedicated documentation formed from spare parts manuals, with exploded diagrams of the units) to identify the necessary spare part;
  • availability of spare parts for the entire duration of the machine (in the case of obsolescence of commercial components, Bottero compensates with stocks, repairs (also on exchange basis), interchangeable components (if necessary and possible also making adaptations and modifications to the machine);
    implementation of MRP techniques for production and provisioning also of spare parts to minimise delivery times;
  • spare parts warehouse at the central establishment at Cuneo and at all branches (with network connection between these in order to have a view of the storage periods and possibility of immediately sending the piece worldwide);
  • quick delivery procedures worldwide;
  • advantageous offers to allow Customers to create their own spare parts warehouse for essential needs, to minimise machine shutdown times;
  • expertise visits by Bottero technicians to verify the functionality of the machines and the consistency of the spare parts warehouse, to suggest and offer interventions aimed at the perfect and excellent maintenance of the machinery;
  • Direct Marketing actions to periodically inform the customer of the new developments regarding spare parts and the services offered by the Product Support services.

Search engine and on-line catalogue (Hollow Glass)

For Hollow Glass the Search engine and on-line spare parts and accessories catalogue is active on Internet. The search engine can be used to select al spare parts or the forming machines and an offer request or request for further information can be automatically sent via e-mail. Exploded diagrams and total diagrams of the mechanisms can also be downloaded free of charge.