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Successfully start for the second E-MOC Bottero machine in Stoelzle Czestochowa


he installation of the second E-MOC TG 4 1/4" machine in the Stoelzle plant of Czestochowa has been extremely successful.
Stoelzle Czestochowa has a nearly three-years experience with Bottero E-MOC technology, which allows them to manufacture in triple gob the articles that were first produced in double gob, at almost the same cycle speed.

The Polish glassworks, which is part to the prestigious Stoelzle Glass Group based in Austria, is specialized in the production of top of range liquor bottles, including large amounts of flask bottles suitable for TG production as well as round and non round larger double Gob containers.

The E-MOC technology has been able to satisfy both requirements thanks to the efficiency of its cooling system which allows high speed productions with no prejudice to the quality, particularly when it comes to flat panels. The 360° cooling potential of the E-MOC is the base for the high quality production at speeds considerably higher than those of a traditional machine manufacturing the same container, and in general the resulting quality is higher. With the strength of three years experience, when the decision was made to add a fifth production line to the furnace built in 2011, Stoelzle Czestochowa had no hesitation: it had to be another E-MOC machine. With over 500 sections installed all over the world, project after project the E-MOC is proving to be the winning choice, where high speed, high efficiency and high quality are the essential requirements to be competitive on the market.